Yoga schools that meet the criteria set by yoga governing bodies like Yoga Alliance USA

Yoga a science, an ancient health therapy, has been a useful holistic therapy for more than 1000 years. The root of this holistic science is hidden in the Indian past but the significance of yoga in current scenario is a credit to the modern society. This yogic art lays a strong prominence on the physical & mental balance which in return helps in purifying a human beings mind, body and soul and thereby and brings a calmness of life which is very beneficial to a human being’s well-being.

Yoga schools that meet the criteria set by yoga governing bodies like Yoga Alliance USA qualify to be a registered yoga schools. So if one wants to become a certified Ashtanga vinyasa yoga teacher then he or she must choose a registered yoga school to learn this yoga style. 200 hour is the minimum duration yoga training that one has to take to complete beginner level yoga training.
Arpit Yoga is a Yoga Alliance USA registered yoga school so it is a certified Ashtanga yoga teacher training in India. Our students on completing the training become certified Ashtanga yoga teachers who are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance USA. We conduct a ceremony to award the Ashtanga yoga certifications to our students.

Food and stay are included in the yoga teacher training packages of registered yoga schools. Students are provided separate rooms to stay will all basic comforts. Meal is vegetarian and fresh mainly prepared form fresh vegetable, fruits and spices. A plenty of other facilities like spa, ayurvedic massage and yoga therapy and outdoor fun activities are also included in the training.
To speak out precisely yoga provides a precision in intellect, a stablestate of mind and a good health. Arpit Yoga academy is also offering yoga classes in the yoga city- Rishikesh. The yoga class comprise of all the theoretical and practical knowledge of Yoga, kriyas, meditation, pranayamas, etc. We are here with a platform that can help you get out of this stressful, busy, routine life,
The deep breathing helps open blocked energy channels in our body that relaxes the body, calms the mind and boosts the energy level. Thus it is a very ideal yoga style for people who can’t afford the gyms or hire personal trainers to shed excessive body fat.
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